Updates and corrections 

  • Updates and corrections to the RPHCM editions published online and in hard copy in 2014
    • CARPA Standard Treatment Manual, 6th edition (CARPA STM)
    • Minymaku Kutju Tjukurpa – Women's Business Manual, 5th edition (WBM)
    • Clinical Procedures Manual, 3rd edition (CPM)
    • Medicines Book for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners and Health Workers, 3rd edition (MED)
    • Reference Book for the Remote Primary Health Care Manuals (REF)
  • All changes have been made online. Only changes indicated as 'stickered' have been made to hard copy versions. 
Remember: An infusion pump should be used to deliver oxytocin infusions. If an infusion pump is not available, it is extremely important to monitor the delivery rate.
Date changed Protocol Location Changed Reason Hard copy
04.04.2016 Anaphylaxis — severe allergic reaction Anaphylaxis kit Adrenaline ampoules — 1:1000 in 1ml (1mg/ml) x 2, 1:10 000 in 10ml (0.1mg/ml) x 2 Ampule size corrected (1:10,000) CARPA STM p35
15.04.2015 Dental and oral problems Pain and significant gum/soft tissue swelling OR dental abscess
If severe infection
Give metronidazole oral 10mg/kg/dose twice a day (bd) for 5 days Frequency added CARPA STM p359
15.04.2015 Infant and child growth and nutrition Table 2.17 Oral zinc – if 6 months or over Age aligned with Diarrhoea protocol CARPA STM p165
15.04.2015 Chronic kidney disease Table 4.13
Kidney function stage
3 changed to 3a
4 changed to 3b/4
More accurately reflect merging of 2 stages CARPA STM p282
15.042015 Chronic kidney disease Missed dialysis
OR If person has used digoxin give calcium gluconate 10% IV 10mls in 100mls glucose 5% over 20 minutes Strength of glucose corrected CARPA STM p286
15.04.2015 Tetanus immunisation — when to give Giving tetanus immunisation
Cut-off age for different vaccine types changed to 10 years Aligned with Australian Immunisation Handbook, 2013 CARPA STM p438
15.04.2015 Resuscitation reference table Bolus IV fluid Newborn – 10ml/kg
Child – 20ml/kg
Unit of measurement corrected CARPA STM p18
15.04.2015 Headaches Important not to miss Added: Meningitis Additional information to improve recognition of meningitis CARPA STM p375
30.09.2014 Head injuries — management Do also – if severe Warning added to use of phenytoin loading – *Caution in Central Australian Aboriginal people In line with recent research conducted in Central Australia CARPA STM p82
30.09.2014 Urine problems — 2 months to 12 years Flowchart 2.5 Added: If MC&S confirms UTI – start treatment Replaced incorrect text CARPA STM p192
30.09.2014 Interpreting results Table 4.9 ACR result:
Male: 0–2.4
Female: 0–3.4
Male: 2.5–25
Female: 3.5–35
Male: more than 25
Female: more than 35
ACR cut-offs made consistent with those in CKD risk assessment CARPA STM p276
30.09.2014 Chronic kidney disease Table 4.13 Normal urine ACR (mg/mmol)
Male: less than 2.5
ACR cut-off corrected CARPA STM p282
30.09.2014 Heart failure Acute heart failure
Put in IV cannula with bung (CPM p85) Missing text inserted CARPA STM p300
30.09.2014 Chronic lung disease in adults COPD
Acute exacerbation
Give doxycycline 2.5mg/kg/dose Dose strength corrected CARPA STM p344
30.09.2014 Hepatitis When to refer to specialist OR Ongoing raised ALT and hepatitis B viral load more than 2000unit/ml Made a separate dot point CARPA STM p385
30.09.2014 Pain management Table 6.17 CAN ADD if needed — Paracetamol – half the regular dose (doses p401) To ensure maximum dose paracetamol (adults) not exceeded CARPA STM p400
30.09.2014 Rheumatic fever and heart disease Table 6.23 Vancomycin IV 20mg/kg/dose up to 1g Dose strength not in Antibiotics doses table CARPA STM p419
30.09.2014 Reference table Oxygen
Bag and mask 17+ years
15L/min Dose corrected CARPA STM p452
30.09.2014 Antibiotics doses table and poster Flucloxacillin IV
Mix to give 50mg/ml – 500mg with 9.6ml WFI Unit of measurement corrected CARPA STM p458
WBM p366
30.09.2014 Primary postpartum haemorrhage Flowchart 2.1
Flowchart 2.2
Ergometrine IM 250mcg (not if rheumatic heart disease, high BP)
Misoprostol rectal 1000mcg
Unit of measurement corrected WBM p57
30.09.2014 Primary postpartum haemorrhage Flowchart 15.1
Flowchart 15.2
Ergometrine IM 250mcg (not if rheumatic heart disease, high BP)
Misoprostol rectal 1000mcg
Unit of measurement corrected CPM p479
30.09.2014 Newborn resuscitation flowchart Table – O2 sats targets (pre-ductal) 5 min — 80–90% Range corrected WBM p64
30.09.2014 Newborn resuscitation flowchart Table – O2 sats targets (pre-ductal) 5 min — 80–90% Range corrected CPM p484
30.09.2014 Rheumatic heart disease in pregnancy Prevention of endocrditis Vancomycin IV 20mg/kg/dose up to 1g Dose strength not in Antibiotics doses table WBM p142
30.09.2014 Common breastfeeding problems Breast abscess
Give flucloxacillin IV 1g 4 times a day (qid) Reference to Antibiotics doses table removed WBM p219
30.09.2014 Pelvic inflammatory disease Do — if severe Metronidazole IV 500mg single dose Unit of measurement corrected WBM p269
30.09.2014 Speculum examination and Pap smear ThinPrep test F 7.23 Figure reference corrected WBM p281
30.09.2014 Painful vulval swellings Do
If abscess
Ceftriaxone IM 500mg single dose (mix with 2ml lignocaine 1%) Missing text inserted WBM p306
30.09.2014 Benzyl benzoate Tell the patient Do not use on eyes, lips or mouth Application information updated MED p127
30.09.2014 Ondansetron Header AMH 2013 section 12.3.2 Section corrected MED p189
30.09.2014 Ranitidine Header AMH 2013 section 12.1.2 Section corrected MED p193
30.09.2014 Levonorgestrel + ethinyloestradiol Header AMH 2013 section 17.1.1 Section corrected MED p229